The Treaty of Finsbury Park

Creation of seven different face masks used in AR for roleplays on Zoom calls

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Furtherfield asked us in 2021 to help them with the development of a groundbreaking an educational roleplay project promoting nature preservation: The Treaty of Finsbury Park.

Directly inspired by the cop26 but for children, played in Finsbury Park and part of the revolutionary OPENCOP and IAM Festival Unique online Live Action Role Play game based in London Finsbury Park. This event is made for children and creates an immersive debate between animals and nature.

In this roleplay, hundreds of kids joined zoom calls to assist and participate in panel discussions with various species of Finsbury Park's ecosystem  as they're demanding equal rights with humans. They attend an Interspecies Diplomatic Assembly to prepare for the first Festival of Finsbury Park by : 

  • Dialing into the needs of a mentor species
  • Representing them at the meeting
  • Explaining their amazing attributes
  • Agreeing the events that will best represent them at the Festival

The Interspecies Assemblies games

In the PUBLIC game of ‘Interspecies Assemblies’, human players will be partnered with a mentor representing one of 7 species based in Finsbury Park. These include a tree, a bee, a goose, grass, a squirrel, a stag beetle and a dog. Players will be tuned into the mentor’s needs and experiences and will then represent them at a series of online assemblies being held to choose the events and the location in the park for the first ever Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park. 

We have created filters of the different species, so that the kids can animate this debate through the Point of view of different species.

The success of the initiative has seen us develop 2 additional characters, a heron and a wheat, in spring 2023 and more are to come for this amazing initiative directed by Ruth Catlow and Charlotte Frost.

Project Images

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