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Snap Inc in short

- Developed an AR garment to be featured in NY fashion week

- Developed various experiences -Air quality, Fashion try-on, Underwater, etc…- in Mixed Reality for their MR glasses: the Spectacles

- Installed the Camera Kit SDK on Dance Fight and produced effects with touchless controllers

- Won the first ever snapchat hackathon, organized by Talent House, with Under Water in 2019

- Included two times of their "Future of Shopping" section of Snap official 2021 Lens Report both for C-Bear dress for making it to NY Fashion Week and for Essie Expressie campaign organized by Whooden Studios

- Won various call for creations including: Fashion Week, Spotlight creators effects, Cat day,

- We’ve been nominated for their best Fashion lens of the year which has eventually gone to the viral puffer jacket made by RTKFT

NY Fashion week Lens

With the MetaFashion becoming increasingly popular since the pandemic and the emergence of both NFTs and projects such as DressX, we’ve been asked by Snap to propose an AR Fashion Garment to represent Snap AR at one of the Fall Fashion weeks 2021. 

We eventually developed an outfit combining physical augmentation and pure digital elements. 

The skirt is a 3D element placed on the user using Snap AR 3D Body tracking while we used the upper garment segmentation to add patterns on the existing upper body garment of the people wearing this piece. Making it a custom AR outfit that user can still personalize depending on what they wear.

Obviously, we wanted to propose an expected use of AR regarding closing so we also allowed the user to adapt the colors and the patterns of the outfits using an interactive UI picker.

The outfit has been selected and showcased at the New York Fashion Week which has been very dear to our hearts considering two members of our team have a background in physical Fashion.

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