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Context: Nespresso (associated with Krups) designed a new machine allowing latte lovers to make a wealth of different latte recipes right from this machine. The machinery is a little complex, so Nespresso wanted an AR user guide used during their dealer’s event introducing this machine. 

This effect utilizes tech called target tracking, that picks up an image and said image starts the effect! The entire experience is initially opened by scanning a QR code on a flyer next to the machine, so this design could be transported to the dealer’s shop next. When the effect is triggered, an AR UI nudges the user to discover recipes and different hotspots on the machines explaining how it works!

The goal was two pronged, on one hand utilizing AR is a nice way to infuse innovation into manufacturing and distribution. Additionally, our thinking behind this experience was that if the dealers understand the machine well and are enthusiastic about the AR experience, this enthusiasm might translate to the moment they’ll sell the machines for the public and hopefully customer conversion would follow that enthusiasm.

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