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Selfridges x Smarttech

Drive to shop campaign - AR game triggered by QR codes on the shop's windows, billboards and IG page

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Selfridges has traditionally it’s corner with Oxford street to launch pop up stores in a way to offer diverse shopping experiences to their customers. 

In 2021, the famous corner was this time booked to propose a shopping of the future with Smartech. A shop specializing in all kinds of connected objects, game consoles and other gadgets representing the world of tomorrow.

Since Augmented Reality is part of society’s future, Smartech wanted too launch through an Augmented Reality experience as a modern communication Medium to touch teenagers and incentivize them to visit the shop of their dream. 

With that in mind, the Smarttech team asked for our help to achieve such a mission. For that occasion, it directly felt obvious that we should make a drive to store experience and what better way to align with the narrative of Smarttech brand than by creating a game?

The brand’s avatar, an alpaca would fly around, dressed up as a Santa, dropping presents for the user to catch. If the user managed to catch enough presents, he’d then be able to access a winning screen prompting to capture a selfie and share it in a story. 

The winners would then present at the shop showing the story they just recorded and would be granted a present in the shop.

QR codes leading to the game were displayed on the Oxford street shop’s windows and accessible from smartech and Selfridges Instagram pages.

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