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Augmented Reality for interior design tryon with Art pieces for driving online sales

Client Name
Didier de Radiguès
Services Rendered

Didier de Radiguès, on top of being belgian most accomplished Moto GP racer, is also an artist who wanted to be able to propose the art pieces of his latest collection

to his potential buyer in Augmented Reality.

To help him doing that, we proposed a two experiences. One is an Instagram effect and the other is in WebAR

The AR filter would present each of his pieces using a Slider. After the user picked one piece, he can move it in space to see how it looks at home and a fun detail is that the piece is accompanied by a an animated emoji face at the image of Didier, which casually presents the piece. 

The WebAR experience is linked to his ecommerce, proposing potential customers to place the art pieces on their wall before buyig it.

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