Spark AR Creator Day (Meta Product event)

Built the content for the first ever Spark AR Creator Day and animated it

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Facebook Product event - Spark AR Creator Day

The Spark AR creator day serie of event is bringing together the creators of its community with beginners willing to learn how to create and share augmented reality effects on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. And we actually created content for and instructed the first ever Spark AR Creator Day (May 1st 2021) by Facebook Product event.

For this workshop, they asked our CTO, Josh to come in with a plot twist. As you might know, Josh is the father of Fast color LUTs, the patch that made it possible for creators to be able to use LUTs in Spark AR effects. 

But for this event, Josh teached how to make color grading effects without LUTs by learning to create shader patches for common image adjustments like contrast, fade, gradient mapping and more!

On top of that, we made a resource for the student to kickstart their workshop and shared our vision regarding curriculum and the education path for learning tech. 

It’s been great since education is dear to us and part of our company’s mission. Actually you might be interested to know that all of the active members of our team have been teaching technology at some point in their career.

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