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Creation of 5 of the first AR filters for the Ray Ban Stories by Meta

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For the launch of Rayban stories, Meta asked its partners to propose up to 5 AR effects working for Rayban stories that will then be used by Rayban stories owners. We proposed

  • Peachy
    An effect adapting the light setting of the video depending on the emotion of the user. A smiling user would influence make it feel like the video has been filmed at  the famous “Golden hour” while an unhappy face would make it feel like it’s a cold blue light.

  • ShutterSpeed
    This effect is dedicated for people using Ray Ban stories while exercising. Any movement forward will trigger this image distortion making it look like the Person filming is moving at the speed of Light

  • Paint
    Paint is an ambient effect making it feel like the filmed footage has been made in waterpaint

  • Lava Lamp
    Has this film been recorded in a world inside a Lava Lamp would be the obvious question any person seeing a footage using this effect. Groovy vibes for all!

  • Manga
    This effect is another playful one making it look  like the recorded film is a manga. This effect allows the content creator to instantly set a vibe with this effect while it’s also a tribute to Mangaka, an effect that has been selected in the top 5 effect of year 2020 by Instagram itself! 

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