Dance Fight

Strategic consulting, product design and production of hands-free AR filters on DanceFight app

Dance Fight
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Dance Fight is a long term client which all started back in 2020 following a feature of Josh’s work in Spark AR’s audio reactivity feature release. We’ve been helping them mostly in setting up an XR innovation strategy fitting their business needs but also in product design, user research and obviously in AR effect production.

You see, Dance Fight owners understood the importance of AR filters in the success of a Social Media and they wanted to be able to propose that creative tool to their users while they compete in Dance Battles.

So our first mission has materialized in helping them find the best technology to work with for this specific need which involved exploring various AR SDK such as DeepAR, Banuba and Camera Kit. 

We eventually advised them to go with Camera Kit to be able to leverage various parts of the Lens Studio ecosystem, which involved creating a series of 10 effects creatively boosting  dancers’ content.

To our founder, the coolest part of that job has been the challenge brought by a user base made out of competitive dancers: A touchless interface to control effects. 

As dancers stand far from their phone while repeating their moves, asking them to come back to their phone to control an AR effect seemed like a constraint to us. On top of that, being able to leverage the cool moves dancers produce to control the effect felt like a natural user experience.

On top of this mission, we also supported Dance Fight in their various product design needs within Hubraum (T-Mobile 5G incubator), including:

  • Consulting on the product design of a VR experience leveraging live video content coming from Dance Fight app. 
  • Product design of an experience proposing NReal glasses owners to watch and vote for Dance Fight app competitors in mixed reality

Last but not least, we had the honor of leading the product design of a Dance Fight Smart TV app directly with Samsung head of research in an exciting product allowing TV watchers to compete themselves right from their TV room. 

Which has been another exciting case of touchless interface for AR but also an interesting case in the user research. A lounge is a very natural place to propose people to interact with AR.

And this is only the beginning since we associated with Dance Fight in a joint venture that will unleash the power of AR in various ways to help people to learning dancing

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