Video call multiplayer effects (Meta)

Production of 6 multiplayer effects for Instagram and messenger video calls

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Multipeer feature for Video call AR effects

Research & Production

Our work with Meta has been some of the most exciting jobs for us as they always ask us to push the boundaries of the user journey while poking around with alpha features. 

In that direction, we had the luck of being asked, amongst a small group of creators, the first library of Multi-Peer AR effects on Spark AR. Before being asked again to populate it with other SPN members.


Multi-peer technology is dedicated to Messenger and Instagram video calls, it’s a specific type of effect as it interacts with all the video contestants simultaneously.

So, when we've been asked by Meta to develop the first ever Multipeer effects, we wanted to use this opportunity to use the power of the feature to create an ambient effect that reacts by changing the weather conditions depending on the call participants emotions. This effect is called “Emotion forecast”.

For example, if one participant smiles, sunlights will make their way in the users’ world with butterflies flying from one participant to another. Oppositely, if a participant seems to be unhappy, dark thunder clouds will appear and rain starts  flowing on the screen. A couple more emotions are recognized in this effect, try it out next time you’re on a call!

Later on in 2021, 4 more multipeer effects have been commissioned by both the SPN program and Meta EMEA. We took this opportunity to create 2 competitive games for video call participants by translating well known games from the physical world: Hot Potato, Potato bag race and a Hotdog eating contest! 

But competition is not always needed so we also proposed a couple of ambient effects, one of them is based on the face filter trend proposing users to see their face with funny deformations but twisted. Indeed the Face Twister sees each call participant take a turn at the the Face Twister wheel, each turn will deform one part of each participant’s face. And last but not least, the Emote concept is making emojis “pulsate” out of each user’s face depending on their reactions -in an effort to bring the vibe of IG live reactions.

Try them out

Eating Contest :
Potato Bag Race :
Hot Potato :

Face Twister :
Emotes :

Forecast Emotions :

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