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VR cognitive game made with Neuro scientists to study the physiologic answer to cognitive inputs

Reflex On
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The general idea of this company is to study the physiological answer to various cognitive games by taking advantage of the immersivity of VR setup. Obviously a VR scene setup is closer to real life feeling to the brain so being able to study various answers in that environment makes it one closer to real life setup while the real-life study setup isn’t natural because of the difficulties involved with the hardware devices (weight, wires, etc..)

While the game was already created and distributed on it’s stations using Oculus Rift S devices, it was not finished and needed some UX/UI love. 

This cognitive game has been spec’ed by two of the most internationally known Neuroscientists on this planet which on top of being fancy, was bringing a challenge to the UX/UI work we had to do. Oppositely to ordinary projects where you have to guide your client through the user research, here it was more of us having to adapt to the requirements and find creative answers to the challenges scientific requirements brought in terms of interactivity. 

Which ended up being very much fulfilling, being able to propose a smoother/gamified approach while respecting medical requirements made it all feel more fulfilling than a usual job.

After we assessed what areas of the games needed improvements and proposed user flow and UI improvements, we moved on working on implementing key features for the business side of this app. We implemented a multilanguage setup and fixed some bugs and eventually prepared the backend code to be easily useable for deploying on the Oculus Quest as the Oculus Rift S case was not fitting the Coronavirus isolated society on top of Facebook suddenly decided to stop the support of Rift S only 3 years after launching them.

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