Break Open AR (Meta)

Research and production of a futuristic AR experience exploring the future of the travel industry

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Future of the travel industry with a connected filter for AR glasses

Research and production

Our work with Meta has been some of the most exciting jobs for us as they always ask us to push the boundaries of the user journey while poking around with alpha features. 

But our relationship with Meta goes beyond the Spark AR Partner program, for example in early 2021, we’ve been working directly with the Bay team on a futuristic use case showing how the travel experience would look like in a mixed reality enabled world (everybody wearing AR Glasses).

We were first asked to dig the connected modules to fee dynamic datas into the filter on this job but the most exciting thing for us was to consider UX/UI in a world with no screens. We tried to imagine what people are interested in while waiting for their flight but also be able to interact with the airport and their airline.

And here's this functional dashboard helping users to navigate in the Airport, check out promotions at various shops but also being able to check if their bag fit the airline requirement and even being able to pick their seat in the plane in a 3D interactive experience!

Meta team would then present this effect on F8 and their road tour called “Break Open AR”, an event tour aiming to show to the public how AR will change the world through futuristic AR effects.

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