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Important things: AR for Good

Augmented Reality, thanks to it's interactivity and visual aspect will change the way people understand the world. Since xe started, we've been exploring ways to use the power of AR to create experiences with a focus on social good since philanthropy is at the core of our team's value

AiR - An Augmented Reality tool to educate on Air hazard and Climate Change

This public health utility is a great example of how AR is changing the way we understand and interact with our world, as it gives the user access to something that becomes a personal experience – a first step towards accountability or change. Being able to visualize an interactive version of your air quality locally also brings a feeling of “Here and Now” that you don’t get by reading scary facts or even standard pollution data on a highway billboard.

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To inspire positive behaviors, you need to be sure that the problem is crystal clear

Our hopes by providing a the tool which helps Air Hazard understanding is to offer a chance to adapt when confronted to air hazards. And to help build up responsible behaviors towards the environment thanks to that better understanding.

Air pollution is a greater threat to life expectancy than smoking, HIV or war. It is widely known that today, it represents a leading risk factor for chronic health diseases and premature death in the world – and yet every day, we go on about our lives because it is somewhat invisible to the naked eye.

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We’re full of ideas on how to make this tool more actionable but it’s been already a big investment to develop this and we funded that out of our own profits. Any help would be welcome, here's a list of features we'd like to develop:

- Propose nearby locations with cleaner air quality to the user
- Add an AR GPS features to that location
- Make it a plugin to various navigation service
- Propose a “Back to the past” button for the user to be able to compare the Air Quality in realtime to any day in the past 30 years
- Develop it for various Mixed Reality headsets such as Spectacles, Hololens, Nreal, etc…
- Develop it natively: ARkit? ARCore? Lightship?
- Open source it

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