Fortune is an 8-episode documentary in augmented reality made for Arte

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This docu-series in Augmented Reality is about the importance of money in our society. Each of the 8 episodes is a true story depicting a different individual and how money impacts its life in an innovative "pop" way the place of money in our society, its power, its affects, its artificial and arbitrary dimension within our economic system through topical stories ("freeganism", salaried status, bitcoin, early retirement, prison work...).

The series took 2 years to develop between the writing, the AR interactions R&D and was eventually developed on Snap AR and Spark AR to bring documentary stories to life on social networks in the form of short interactive storytelling experiences of 2 minutes each.

Fortune is the first time a major information broadcaster gives themselves the necessary means to properly tell its story using Augmented Reality rather than video as the medium to do so.

The overall project has been produced for Arte by Atlas V, directed by Claire Meinhard and eventually made by us.

We're feeling quite proud and thankful to be behind another world first after the AR garments on H&M app. But this one feels particularly special considering the numerous additional challenges we got to work on narratively and interactively. Challenges themselves coming with a million little technical complexities.Making it a super fun project to work on as there’s no fun when there’s no challenge.

This project also feels like a real step in the future since being able to learn by interacting with the AR content is much stronger for memorizing a story than the passive learning we usually experience when watching a video.

Watch all the episodes on Arte's website!

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