Women's Building art walk (Dubai World expo)

5 AR art floating AR sculptures celebrating historical female figures

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Historical AR art walk around Dubai World Exo Women's Building

Meta EMEA teamed up with Dubai World Expo and Cartier in order to propose an Augmented Reality activation around the Women Pavillion -powered by Cartier. - with the enthusiastic purpose of inspiring young ones into becoming the leading women of tomorrow.

We proposed a curiosity oriented art walk going from an AR sculpture to another. Each sculpture celebrates an iconic woman of History. Massive QR codes have been painted on the ground around the building for the visitors to easily trigger each piece and some smaller QR codes printed on stickers have been placed at strategic locations in the venues, for example to entertain visitors queuing in the lobby.

The AR experiences propose, for each woman, a flying and animated sculptures made of artifacts representing the celebrated woman, reflecting a picture of her and, by going close enough, you could hear about her story.

This work has been one of our proudest productions artistically but also technically as we developed a new feature on Spark AR to enhance the curiosity feeling of the effect: Spatial Audio. Spatial Audio means experiencing the audio in the digital world as you would in real life.

More concretely, it means that the sound gets louder as you get closer to the sculpture. And also that you would hear the sound better by looking in the direction of the sculpture. It's a super cool feature for artistic purpose, since it brings another layer of immersivity in an experience that would recall TV documentaries about historical figures but only if the user is focusing on the statue. Which on top of reminding real life experience whe somebody is telling a story, it has the very nice experiential pro to raise the focus of the user on the experience since if the user doesn't look at the statue or is close enough, the user might miss informations ;)

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